Is it weird that I am attracted to such a wide age range?

I'm 25, and would seriously date anyone between 18-50 if I found them attractive and interesting. I especially like the idea of dating someone 18-19, or in their mid 40's. I just find it especially hott. Is that weird? o0. I guess it's because either 1- I feel dominant, or 2- I feel like she's dominant.


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  • Not weird at all. Us cougars have quite a few pluses. We are financially secure, very confident in what we want in bed, at ease in our own bodies/skins and have outgrown all the drama of youth. At the same time, I got stuck in the tubes at Chuck E Cheese (some kids had me blocked in and wouldn't let me out) last week and I watch cartoons and anime on a regular basis. Young at heart, wise in mind, experienced and happy in body. The youngest guy I dated had just turned 31; we dated for 6 months until the distance got too much for me and I broke it off. :)


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  • Maybe a bit weird if she was 40. But it quit normal to be with younger girls so 18 or 19 is fine


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  • Its not that weird if you are talking about dating, but in a long term relationship you should make sure you and your partner understand each other very well