What do guys like at a party from their girl/girlfriend?

So I'm just confused. If you went with your girlfriend to a party, would you expect her to find someone else to talk to or spend the whole night with you? Even if your friends were there.

And just generally, apart from the obviousSssssss, what do boys like their girlfriends to be like at parties?


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  • For my situation I'd expect her to follow me the whole night. Not expect as in "woman, you WILL stay by me", but expect as in "I know you're shy and these people are strangers so stay close if you want". Also in my case, I get very limited time with my girlfriend (see each other once a week) so if I'm inviting her to come with me to a party it'd be a huge waste for her to come with me only to say "go socialize with other people".

    Also, I'm not a party person so I think I wouldn't invite her as I myself wouldn't feel comfortable going, but yeah.


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  • Well as long as you're not hitting on other guys and giving them a bunch of attention it's fine to mingle and talk and do stuff with other people.. With that being said though it's always nice to have the girl come back and give me attention too and talk with me, play games, etc... Based on the guy though if it looks like he's not having a good time at the party and maybe isn't fitting in too well you might want to be around him more and help him have a good time/introduce him to people you know so you're both more comfortable and can have a good time and hopefully if the roles are switched he does the same.

  • It depends on the party. I really don't have much experience in parties that I don't know pretty much everyone. but If I was invited by a girl that I am seeing to a party, and I didn't know anyone, I would casually follow her, let me be introduced to people she knows and by that time I would take it from there and socialize. The same would be implied in the opposite way. I would introduce her to people I know and except her to do her thing to be sociable. I don't expect her to follow me around and talk only to me. Actually I am hoping to pawn her off to the girlfriends of my own friends while I go bullshit with them.

  • I can't speak for all the guys but I can tell you what I'm cool with. I generally a cool dude when it come to everything though... When I'm at a college style party, Im gonna show my girl off so everyone knows, after the meet and greets it's whatever. At a sports event party, I don't want her to bother me when the fight or game starts. At a dinner party, I make sure to show off our relationship. Don't think about this anymore and just ask him because each person is different from the next. Communication is highly important in a relationship and you can't find a answer for what he likes from others or guessing. Wish you the best!

  • guys like their gf to get drunk n start dancing with another dude n kissing n start putting her hands in his trousers.


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