Playing hard to get or Loss of interest?

Me and a girl who was a good friend of mine (and a notorious flirt) went on a date. It was a huge success and I (and my friends) started to get the vibe she was into me. Next couple weeks are great, lots of flirting and talking. (She even stopped flirting with other guys, just me. She honestly changed.) Couple more weeks go by and still haven't gotten to take her on another date. Things slowly break off and she goes out to lunch with an ex. She starts to flirt less with me. Finally a mutual friend of mine had enough and talked to her about it. She tells him that there's no way in hell she's getting back with her ex but then also says she's not interested in me :(... Couple days later, I'm chillin and she starts messaging me (She actually planned for us to enter into our school's costume contest-> Crayon box and crayon :p) about the contest. I couldn't respond immediately bc i was driving but she kept sending me messages. Stuff like "Guess what tmrw is?" and then "You guess slow" Anyway, knowing how she feels I reply normally and thats when she starts to flirt HEAVY like stuff even a clueless clutz like me notices. I stop replying eventually to save myself from false hope but the she messages AGAIN 2hrs later, once again flirt mode on high. It got to the point where she was definitely suggesting that she would send me nudes. Next day at the contest she's acting lovey dovey with me. Wanting to hold my hand everywhere and all that. I do my best not to act like i care. We took a few pics together that day. So then after school i message her, asking if she could send me one of the pics we took and she DOESN'T REPLY. Eventually she just tells me to check facebook. -_- And since then its on and off with her. Next time she flirts, I think im gonna tell her to make up her mind but basically my question is: WTF is she doing? Is she playing hard to get or is she REALLY not interested. And if she's not interested why would she be all over me somedays and then some not?


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  • It's always difficult if you know a girl is flirty. However, it seem to me your quite involved in her sphere. And regarding your friend thing, what type of answer were you expecting? She can simply deny to avoid embarrassment. I say push on and see how it goes. Best of luck buddy!


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  • Well if she's the flirty type, it'll probably be hard for her to get used to just one guy. If she really likes you, she'll solve this problem by herself. She sounds a bit confused to me. She's just figuring things out, don't worry. I know when I have choices, I try to find others and then finally choose between them.

    • Thanks! that makes me feel a bit better. So what should I do when it comes to talking/flirting?

    • Play it cool! Act like you normally would. If you change, she'll lose interest. So be yourself. (Cheesy but true).
      Good luck!

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  • Keep giving her a chance maybe she is confused over who she likes.