Is it too soon to ask her? Other friends may get in the way?

Iv got a pretty big crush on one of my girl friend and iv told some of my friends that i do. Some were supportive and said "give her time then ask her its too early" but some of my other friends said "i don't think you are her type she may like someone else". Basically i want to ask her out but iv only known her a short while but I'm getting mixed views from my friends so i don't know what to do. apart from that there is another girl friend of mine who likes me but i don't like her in that way only as a friend, she doesn't particularly like the girl i like for some reason.
I do talk to the girl i like and she is very polite but also quiet shy and doesn't talk much to some people, iv heard as well some other guys have their eyes on her even one or two of my friends. I think she may like me but its hard to tell with her mixed signals she gives me but im not sure as some of my friends are against me and say i should not ask her out. What should i do and why dont some of my friends want me to go out with her? Please help!


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  • How does she act around you? Does she talk to you more than other guys? Or does she just reply and thats it? Usually its quite hard to tell if a quiet shy girl likes but little things like the way she acts or speaks or leans can determine whether she likes you or not.

    • Well she talks to me a little but im one of her guy friends who she actually talks to, i make her laugh and i see her looking at me sometimes. When im around she is more awkward and shyer than normal. I dont see her talk to other guys apart from like two or one of her other guy friends


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  • You said y'all are friends so how about talking to her more, maybe text her and ask her to hang out. Your friends probably want her for themselves so ignore them and go for it. The girl could probably be shy and not know if you like her or not so she doesn't act on her feelings. Go for it and ask her out.

  • what signs have you got? maybe your friends are trying to talk you out of it, cause they like her!


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