Have you ever gone on a date and not realized it?

Have you ever met someone and then gone on a date with them and not realized it was a date? How'd you end up realizing it was a date? Did it go well?


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  • Yes! I was hooking up my friend with this guy by being good friends with him so they would be too. She was really shy to make the first move. I talked about my friend and told him you guys should meet up it would be perfect. Then he was like "do you mind going shopping with me, i love your style. And have lunch later you know" i agreed and even my friend thought it's a really good idea. We went out and on our way back he said "what a lovely date, we should do it again" and gave me a cheek kiss and left.


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  • Yes, a friend invited me horse riding , her bf and his friend came along too, i didn't know they were going until i got ther, then afterwards we all had lunch together, the guy lived not far from me , so offered to drop me at home, cos i didn't have my car with me, after he dropped me off at home, he asked me for a second date, i was furious when i discovered my friend had set me up on a blind date and never told me, i felt so manipulated, it went well cos i thought it was a bunch of friends having a laugh and a good time,

  • Yes... the first school dance of 6th grade, actually. That's when my guy and I "met" (we call that when we met because before that, we could hardly stand each other) and we hit it off. 11 days later, my friend asks him out for me without telling me. She came up behind me and squealed and said "YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND!!! HE SAID YES!!!" I freaked because I didn't know what she was talking about. When she told me what she had done, I was shocked how happy I was. I talked to him about it soon after and he just kept smiling. A few days later we started texting and since then (when his phone wasn't broken/dead/when he wasn't grounded for being a dummy) we have been texting pretty much non-stop, with the exception of the many fights we have had. Other than the problems, out relationship has been perfect.

    • The dance was lots of fun. We were hanging out with a mutual friend and we ended up hanging out with each other. People kept asking if we were a couple and we just looked at each other and smiled. After that, we went on lots of "dates."

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