How should I ask this girl?

Okay so I've been out of the relationship thing for a while now. Recently there's this want girl I want to ask out, but my friends keep telling me I should do something, make it special or something like that. At first I didn't really care but now that they keep mentioning it I'm starting to consider it but I don't know what I could do. Is it okay if I just ask her out just like that, then take her somewhere to eat or ask her to a movie? You know just plain and simple or do I really have to do something when I ask her? If so what can I do?


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  • Just ask her. Don't make things so complicated


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  • Just be you, if you're not that "making things special"kinda guy, then don't be that guy. If you choose to be that guy, you might be tired of being that guy in the future. Just be you and tell your friend to fuk off lol with all do respect of course