How do I propose a kiss?

I want to kiss this girl however whenever I feel is the time I get chicken... I gave her flowers today as a surprise only to find out that she was in an accident yesterday so they were multi purpose... she really liked them and was astonished and she said it was really cute... so when should I kiss her... and what if I ask her if I can... I'm kinda old fashioned and its respectful... please help


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  • I disagree with Eva. In my opinion, I think that you should ask. Most girls won't find it lame if they truly like you. I think that asking will show how respectful, considerate and old fashioned you are, and old fashion is quite romantic. You should also ask so that you'd know if the moment was right or not. How many times have guys gone in for a kiss only to get rejected because the girl just wasn't ready? It's better to know than to go in for one and regret having done so. So yeah, ask away. It's a sweet and thoughtful gesture :)


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  • don't ask! most girls find that lame! when the moments right (no one around, conversation ends (after a good date ;) just slowly go in for it, she'll go in for it too if she wants to kiss you, if she doesn't want to she'll pull away and say so, but don't worry IF she does do that, it doesn't mean she doesn't like you, going in for a kiss shows confidence, which is hot! but remember slowly! don't scare her away!


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  • dude don't be a dork, put some aggression on, followed by sweetness, then a "funny" and right before you leave her

    you say

    "am I gona get a kiss, or am I gona have to lie to my diary tonight"

    play it right and you win ;P