Help! I can't understand this guy?

I have a crush on this one guy in my school. He's typical outgoing, good looking and surrounded by girls guy. We started talking because of school issues and he asked tons of questions, like he seemed curious and then ignored me. Since that day, it's me the one who talks to him on fb first and he always would leave me as "seen at.." rude, I know. Anyway, everytime we would meet irl he would say hello and then ignoring me by talking. tl every single. girl. he can. Last week, i helped him out and met him the next day, of course, he would ignore me, but he does stare at me and look and listen to the way i talk to other people (he jokes about my voice by calling me loud. Every single time) and we exchanged stares in a way it makes your legs shake. He takes care of details i'm shocked he knows about me. My friend approached him and talked to him (the day i told him to meet somwhere else) and he told her he thinks im a really nice gal and he is just being friendly and. polite. his behavior confuses me, he does thinks beyond being politw and sometimes even being. rude. he talks to me differently, stares at me, smiles and always looks into my eyes, i think he is aware im really shy and he always. does his best into making me. confortable and giving me a conversation when we're alone. He acts so much differently when he's alone with me and there has been a time he liked almost every picture i uploaded but not he doesn't (i know it means nothing, i mean, its fb and he has over 2000 friends ) but it makes me feel like he suddenly hates me. I'm self concious and i dont know if im making him feel awkward or uneasy or he hates me or just trying to be nice to mee. I know its almost impossible for me to be liked by him but i just dont know what to do. Im afraid to talk to him on fb because he ignores me and i never see him irl, because since we studied together in the library he tells me he can't concentrate because i talk too much (i dont talk actually im way too shy)


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  • you may be coming off as clingy. give him some space. psychological tip, make him miss you. if you avoid him a little he might realise what is missing. he might not understand what he had before you left.


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  • I know thus type of guys. move on from him. or at least pretend to. he is playing with your emotions. also, however, stop being too clingy. it would be better, i think, for you to be friendly with him but don't try to strike a conversation.
    maybe i am wrong, but if he ignores you yet pretends to like you, then he is manipulating you. i have been manipulated by this guy, but i tried my best to block him and resist him despite the fact thst he was almost irresistible. stay away from him and forget him.


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  • I doubt he hates you. No reason for that. He may be trying to be nice to you though and since you're shy, his jokes about you being loud, talking too much etc. could be his way of trying to break the ice, make you feel more comfortable etc. If you talk to him on FB and he doesn't talk back, that's a red flag. Guys will jump at any opportunity to talk to a girl they like, not to mention initiate contact. If you're always the one to initiate conversation, odds are he doesn't care all that much, but he may be keeping you around as an 'ego boost' if he's suspecting you have feelings for him. Staring and smiling on the other hand are good, but the guy sounds a bit like a 'player', so make sure he only does that with you, because something tells me he might be doing it with many other girls as well. See if you can make your interest known to him in any way and watch how he reacts.