What Should I Do? His ex. or me?

Recently over the last couple of months, I started to like this guy who I had met through a friend . My friend and I have been hanging out with them a lot, and we all get along really well . Well it seemed that this new guy liked me to, but then a week later he started dating this freshman girl that goes to his school . And I thought to myself, wow well this isn't worth it at all . So I stopped liking him, but I was still in contact with him and his friends . About three weeks later, his "girlfriend" broke up with him, for the dumbest reasons and it was apparent that she just wanted some random reason to break up with him . The minute it happened he texted me about it, and that night we went online and talked about it . We flirted a lot and I decided I liked him again . Oh another thing is that junior prom is really soon, so at his school people were starting to ask each other . His friends all told me that he was going to ask me and then the day before we hung out, his ex girlfriend, the freshman, started to ask for him back . Now it was kinda of established that he liked me, and things were going well and it's obvious that this ex only wants to go to prom with him but he doesn't really realized it, or just doesn't want to accept it . We hung out a couple days ago and I told him I liked him, and he said he really liked me to but he was confused . Is there anything I can do ? I really want this to work out, but he can't choose between his ex and me .


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  • Kiss him - show him you want him and you are willing to do what it takes to be there for him - don't order him to be with you - show him you are the clear choose - empower your relationship with him by empowering him to embrace his manhood - this other girl is treating him like a boy and she is the mom - as in, he didn't do something she wanted so she took away his toy, which in this case, was her - don't be like that, embrace his masculinity with your femininity

    Makes sense ? Throw out a comment if you need something more direct .


What Girls Said 1

  • Ask him if he'd like to go to prom with you then find out if he would rather go to prom with you or with his ex- and definately let him know that you would really like to go to prom with him .