After sex withdrawal?

I'm 25, met this 19 ys old girl at the pet nursery we work for. We are the only two at that shift. She always had an excuse to text me and I became aware of that.

As days passed by, we began chatting everyday every time, sometimes even until 6 or 8 am. I asked her what did she want from me, and she said only sex, to what I responded "then you should just write me for that only" she said that "maybe is something else but i can't show it now" this was the first week...

she texted me during two months, sending me pictures of her dog and food. She even started to show feelings. Me, cold as steel, because of the mixed signals. I insisted everyday with sex, but she always had an excuse.

One day, she writes to me saying that I should go to her home now. I went right away, we had sex but... Next day she asks me some stuff about work (things she knows) but I was occupied, so I went straight to the point. Next days, total silence. She wenton a college trip that week. One day she writes to me asking me about her dog (she left it at the nursery). one hour before, her substitute (a girl from the other shift we know well) said all dogs were fine. I went straight to the point and goodbye.

We started chatting when she came back to her apartment two days later. Thing were going just fine, exchanging pictures of food and our pets, until next day (friday) when I ask her if I left my condoms there. She was online for 30m then she answered me "No". (I left them there)

She came back to work this Tuesday. All she did was follow me with her phone jiggling LOLing over some conversation. answered to me in monosyllabics and said she was in a bad mood, but didn't know why. I tried to talk about our sexual encounterat the end of our shift, but she said it wasn't necessary to talk about that. So I told her it wasn't necessary all tha mixed signals neither. She said everything was alright and asked me if I was angry, there she stopped pulling out her phone.

Insight plse?

Thank you for answering, I do like her, but she was giving me that double speech and I got confused. Now she isn't even appearing in our WhatsApp group as well, I'm afraid that she may even be considering quitting job as well.

One question for you girls, why did she followed me with her phone laughing? I know that it was on purpose, but what did she want with that behaviour?
I'll see her at work this Wednesday, how should I manage this? This time we won't be alone because one girl joined for this week. I've already told her that I care that day and she told me she didn't know what to say to me... We haven't talked or chatted since that day at all.


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  • i thinks she wanna have sex with you. sex only. the she kinda starting to like u more than just for sex. but u keep asking her for sex. she got fed up. because she is gettng deeper into her feelings with you, yet you are w your sex thingy. i think u r quite a slow guy. she is moody for a reason. she texted u back for no reason because she likes u. and wanna find a way to talk to u. other than sex. gosh u shudnt turn her questions down when she asked more about you. that means she wanna know a lot more bout u.


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  • First off... what is it you really want because you seem to care enough to ask for adevice as if you might be opened to more than sex?

    Second of all... she has feelings for you and she showed that to you from the beginning with all the pictures of food and her pet etc...

    Now realize what it is you want and find a way to talk to her about the situation... if you don't want anything with her cut all ties with her that means NO sex EITHER! !!!

  • Since you were cold towards her she was angry about the sudden coldness you came off as. Be more open if you like her and apologize for being that way

  • sounds like she got fed up of your cold reactions to everything she sends you. she was trying to slowly open up to you for a possible relationship and you showed her that you aren't interested

    • she followed you with her phone because she was hoping to make an excuse to start a conversation and be near you, you would say whats so funny? and she would share what was on her phone and talk to you about it

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  • This sounds like y'all need some quality pillow talking. Is she single?

  • I have no idea what's going on.

  • The story is not clear
    what do you want exactly from her
    And vise versa