Can an indian guy get a japanese gf? ?

I like japan after visiting it 3 times I decided to settle there and so oooh will I get a gf there


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  • Why not? But what about your family's views? And how comfortable are you with Japanese culture. Please consider these issues before you go ahead.

    • There's no prob from my family side. prob is many say that japanese girls hate indian guys

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    • Good luck with your future endeavors! :)

    • Yaa thanks

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  • Yes, you can. I have seen many young Indian men with Japanese wives.

    • thanks for saying so It gave me hope I think so

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    • thanks

    • You're welcome. :)

  • Yeah most definitely everyone has a different taste


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  • Just find the right one, don't settle for just anyone.

    Many people here actually wants mixed children
    as they're considered more attractive.. however odd that sounds. ^.~

    • But I like to love the one who is there for me

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    • I meant difficult

    • It may be difficult to differentiate between
      love, and someone who only wants you for your race.

      But that's the general difficulty.

      Many people in Japan, also find interest in the culture
      of other people outside/not from Japan. ^.~

  • no it's impossible; the laws of physics prohibit it. That would be like dividing by zero.

    • Y is that so

    • Because the grand prediction of the theory of relativity is that an indian guy could never get a japanese girl. It would create a black hole before that would happen, and it would envelop the entire earth instantly.

    • Then I'll make a crack in the black hole so that it crumbles just by confronting my love