Great date ideas realistically?

what are some good ideas to take a girl out on a date. something cool and not usual bar or movies.


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  • It depends where you live and what interests around you.
    going to a bar or restaurant became like a rule, which is boring. maybe later :)
    going to a movie, that's the worst idea of you both being together for 3 hours only looking ahead to watch a movie! maybe later too :)
    Look up on internet about your city, learn what can be nice to do. any sort of activities or places to visit. just make sure its not too cheap or noisy or will make her tense anyway. and also organize it very well.
    I am not dating nowadays but one of my friends once met an old man who guards a historical museum and offered him to visit it after working hours, anyway, my friend found a real beautiful view from top of that building tower where he can see all the town, Now every time he date, he just pays some money to the guard to open the tower, have his bag with food n drink and takes his girl up there, set-down.. watch the sunset over the town and have great romantic view and talk :) that's all.
    Go unconventional my friend :) good luck


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  • Depends on your location. One of my first dates was taking our dogs walking on the beach. Very casual and it wasn't as uncomfortable or formal as sitting at a table eating dinner. I would look up events in your town. Something active that y'all will both be comfortable.


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  • I went for outdoor group activities, a beach barbecue or a hike, if I couldn't find something we both were into so we could work together, such as translating something together, or doing some kind of project together.

  • in my opinion , if you want to score , take her to higher place , like , dinner at skyscraper , or at mountainous area near your city..