Should I stop texting my boyfriend for a couple of days?

let me start this off by saying I have trust issues anyways, my boyfriend has been "busy" lately and we hardly talk. He replies like 2-4 hours late and he doesn't tell me what he's doing.
This morning I said, "You've been replying late /: What are you even doing?"
and he didn't understand the question so I asked "What are you busy with? are you talking to other girls or something?"
and instead of him just saying just saying"no" he gives me a sarcastic answer and says "Oh yeah. I've been talking to thousands of girls." he knows I have trust issues because I told him that before we even dated and that its gonna be hard to gain my trust but he of course says smart remarks like that. Should I just talk to him in 2 days?


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  • Okay so first people mess up including guys, now he might have not done it purposely guys can say things stupid sometimes, tell him it wasn't funny and remind him of your trust issues, I highly doubt he is talking to other girls. Remember that guys arnt mind readers so if you don't talk to him for 2 days what is he suspose to do? Tell him what he did wrong "communication is key to a healthy relationship" my boyfriend says that to me all the time. I don't wanna be rude but don't be to "clingy" or all up in his business, he has a life outside of you and you guys are just dating, in time he might tell you or maybe it isn't important and he might not tell you. Girls tend to evolve the relationships around them and there needs and wants and don't think of it the other way, he wants your trust as much as you want to give it to him and you want his trust as much as he wants to give it to you and by you asking if he is talking to other girls did not help and maybe he felt a bit hurt by you asking..


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  • Not texting him for two days is not gonna help. Communication is key

  • yes and then see his reaction.


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