How do I know if she wants me to make a move?

I've been out of the dating game a long time and I'm going out with a girl for our second real date. I can't really pick up on if she is into me or not, but when I ask her to go out she says "of course" or "I'd love to." But how will I know if she wants me to kiss her? She's not really been giving me any signals.


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  • Id def say she's into you. we don't say "of course" or "id love to" to someone were just bleh about. Don't rush but sometimes we like you guys to take control. if she is going on a 2nd date, she is digging you and if you didn't make a move the 1st date then you def have the go for the 2nd date


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  • just lean in, and if she doesn't, just apologise. If she's already going on dates with you she obviously likes you..


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  • You will be able to tell by looking at her aswell as her body expressions, the subtle flirtatious remarks that she slips in (yes they are easy to miss!)

    If a girl is willing to go on a date she is interested she may just be shy...

    You can't win if you don't try... Disappointment and regret will eat you alive.

    Don't be a pushover, be assertive with confidence. You are 25-29, it's not like your a young teen she knows what she wants but she wants you to lead.