How do I stop being afraid to go back out there again?

I HATE dating, i feel like its the worst thing to do, im 22 never had a boyfriend.. because im so bad at dating.

Last guy i dated was in january-february, it went great but it was a sitiuation where the guy didn't live in my town and he was perfect but the timing sucked, ever experianced that?

But anyways, now when a guys shows interest i become scared and i dont want to go back to dating because im afraid of feeling and falling in love and being hurt.. so I've put my focuse on school, work and going to the gym..

How can i overcome this fear?


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  • So have you dated or have you "never had a boyfriend"? you are kind of skipping between the two.
    also, you can't base all relationships on the one measly one you had that was an LDR
    finally if you are afraid of falling in love and getting hurt, how about you just date casually, without all the frills. just hang out and have a good time. here's an interesting fact, if you don't date and get hurt/make mistakes from time to time, all you are doing is delaying the inevitable. so date now, gain all your experience/hurt now, learn from those, then in the future, you can begin to face relationships/dating, armed with better equipment than fear. the equipment being Experience.

    • i have dated and i havnt been in a rel.

    • ah, i see. the basic misconception and the fine line between the two. well then if dating scared you off, i can only imagine what a relationship would do. Its a step by step thing, your fear comes from you thinking a million steps ahead and wondering if it will get that far. every journey begins with one step i suggest taking it step by step and stop thinking so far ahead because for every step, you come closer to your destination. and without fear too.


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  • There's nothing to it, but to do it... when I am in a scary situation, I find myself focusing on one task at a time... eventually the fear subsides

  • I feel like I suck at dating to! I are we the same person because the last girl I was sorta seeing lives about 2 hours away!


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  • I have experienced that!! Or just the part about last guy you dated. :P