Girls on dating site why are you still single?

so I looking at a few dating site and some girl pose with guns and sound unfriendly or are man haters.

one girls main pic was target practice then I read here profile and very hateful.

why are single?


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  • Well I don't use dating sites. I'm single by choice really, call me picky but I am not changing who I am to be with someone. Now I'm not stubborn and rude either I just haven't found a guy who seems with it personally.

  • I'm still single because I haven't found the right person for me yet, and I'm kind of awkward and shy, which makes it hard to meet new people.

  • I'm on a dating site. I'm there because I work a lot and don't really have time to go out. And I'm single because, to put it honestly, I WANT to be. I'm not looking for anything serious at this point in my life, because I've never been in a relationship that wasn't serious. Every relationship I'd been in has lasted at least a year long, and I just want to date and have a little non-sexual, non-serious fun.


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  • The majority of women, especially younger ones, who are on dating sites are there because it's their way of casting a wider net rather than lowering their expectations to a reasonable level. Also, online dating allows them to easily filter matches based on their extremely picky standards.

    -Men seeking women
    -Age 25-30
    -Height 6'0+
    -Income $100,000+

    And then they scroll through those results looking for the ones with attractive pictures.