Is he giving me the silent treatment or Is it over? Should I move on?

Im dating a guy it's been on and off for months, I told him I was going to Europe for two and a bit weeks, I only went for one and a bit, I needed time to work my head out, I stayed in touch with him while I was away, we had more of a friends with benefits arrangement, I was kind of dating someone else too, anyway when I was gone I told him it was over between me and the other guy, he said to me before I left he wanted that to be over but he also specified he wasn't the relationship type. While I was gone I said I was no longer interested in putting my energies into something not going anywhere. We spoke again the next day, he started talking about my ass I got mad as i clearly said I was done with the physical only relationship, I said I was done with him. I wrote to him two days later apologising for getting mad, nothing, I then saw him the next day back home, he didn't even look at me (I was with my girls and the previous man), I texted again, apologising for any hurt or miscommunication, nothing, past three days I've texted every now and again, nothing still, can't he just say he's done? Is he playing games with me? He's ignored texts in the past but never for this long.


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  • He told you what he wanted, you told him what you wanted, he doesn't care anymore. None-the-less, guys don't like totally cutting off options is why he isn't saying to kick rocks, but he's not being very friendly. He probably wants to leave you hanging in case he needs your attention.

    It may sound harsh but the game's not changed a whole lot, if anything it's more basic and the guys whine more.


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  • You are on and off after only a few months together? Sounds like it not worth the hassle. If he's ignoring you then it's pretty cleat he's not interested. Don't be the women who doesn't get the hint, move on. Don't pursue him. Wait for a man who is mature enough and interested enough to talk to you.