How to connect with a girl that has little to no common interests than you?

So far right now I'm working on conversations to find out if we May have something in common. I myself have little hobbies other than being on my computer so I'm working on finding new hobbies. So far I'm into hiking but I can't do something like that a lot

Oh I see, so the answer is obvious then, either build simularities or find some


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  • Ask her about he's interests, be genuinely interested to know more about the stuff she likes. You could try something she likes, but only if you feel like it. Ask her how she's doing in her hobbies or to show you something of what she does. She should do the above for you as well.


What Guys Said 1

  • well, you don't. simple as that. You conect with a person through similarities, hence why you more easily befriend people doing the same stuff as you...