How can you be safe on online dating?

How can you be safe on online dating?


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  • I know it is scary for women in general. Then you add online dating with all the wackos out there.
    1) Meet the guy at the location of the date until you feel safe enough to let him pick you up.
    I have had women let me pick them up the 1st date but that was after almost a week fo chatting via text. I also had 1 that did not tell me where she lived until the 4th date and everything in between.
    2) always let a friend know where your going and the name of the guy (or girl) your meeting. give her the screen name also. Write it down and leave it on the table as a backup.
    3) meet at public places. Don't go for a walk at a remote park your first couple of dates. stay public.
    4) Trust your gut. If you have a bad feeling about the person your probably right. And I don't mean "I don't like his haircut.."... if you just get the willies being near him leave.

    • Great advice for women who are on any dating websites. I've never done online dating (I met my fiance in person), but I would take this advice if I was in the dating scene.

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  • I would think some general rules should apply:

    1) talk to a guy online and in person before meeting.
    2) Meet in a public place - don't have him come pick you up.
    3) Let a friend know where you're going.
    4) If he keeps trying to get you and he alone early on in the relationship, it might be a bad sign.

  • it's not very safe. better avoid it and don't go into dates with the first guy you meet on the internet, because the person you date might be some nasty perverted old man XD

  • Have your first meeting in a public place. Ask for and check out their social media presence. Look for any warning signs. Most people are decent folk, but don't take any unnecessary risks before getting a good sense of who your date is.


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