People who dated someone with kids how did you react when you met them?

How was it, how did you feel, how did it affect the relationship with the parent you are dating?

For a few minutes I felt stunned and emotional because I saw how much he loves these kids and he's a good dad. But after a little while I saw he was trying to get us all to interact and they are well behaved sweet kids. I walked away feeling like as long as the kids don't turn into monsters I can deal with this. They seemed ok with me I didn't expect too much because you have to build a rapport slowly and I'm not their mom nor should I try to be.


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  • I fell in love with one of them
    and felt the other one would be great fun
    but even though Mom was a long time friend and we even attempted to be GF-BF sexually once upon a time, when this escalated to this attempt again, she went psycho on me... ? The End.


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  • Never dated anyone with kids. But not against it.


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  • My boyfriend has kid. I didn't think I could do it, but I've been with him for a few years now and it worked out fine. I was totally freaked out at the start though.