Why do we push away?

Me and my boyfriend were talking to each other and he wanted to have sex , i just did not want to do it so i told him no .
Then , my friends were over and most of them were guys , so i decided to sit with them and it pissed him off.
I told him i that they were my friends , And now he is being a dick. I sometimes feel like it is just sex.


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  • one thing i noticed about guys is if they were the kind that used to have sex regularly, then they will grow impatient if he keeps asking for sex and you make him wait like a dog wanting a treat. Like another girl on here said, tell him why you dont want sex. Dont just leave him hanging with a simple no because he'll then start to figure you simply dont have interest in sex with him. A relationship like that for a guy is has got red flags waving all over.

    Dont be that girl that is left because you didn't communicate with your man.


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  • the sex part seemed fine, but generally most guys don't entertain the idea of their gf hanging out with a bunch of guys, even if its just friends.


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  • He feels insecure and rejected. When you say no explain why and make sure he understands that it's not because of him.