Guy in Love with Heartbroken Girl?

Their is a Girl that gets my bus that im in love with and have made some contact before with here as it started out one day when I and a mate of mine were traveling home on the bus and he sat next to her who sat behind me but fell asleep, a quarter of the way through the journey she woke up and asked us if we had seen here phone which had dropped on the floor and she was very concerened that it didn't smash.

Anyway we had a look but couldn't find it and my mate was rather big and if he got up on the bus he would go flying down the isle. Halfway through the journey I said I would have a look for it if I could and when the opportunity was their I took it and got down on my knees and look over the floor for it and once I got I handed it nicely back to her looking her in the eyes. We all got talking on the way back and she kept thanking me for doing what I did. No other person did so.

More recently she has come out of a relationship after being cheated on and is very heartbroken but is slowly recovering. I really don't want to let a chance that I could be with here slip away and I am willing to do what ever is neccesery to be her new boyfreind.

I wanted to know from you girls how you suggest I should proceed.

I should also add I see this girl on a fairly regular basis as she gets the bus similar times to me
Additionally im 17 and she's 18/19
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* We have finally got chatting over two instances and are on first name terms now to the point where if we saw each other we could start a conversation, any other thoughts girls/guys


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  • Her heart was broken, and it needs time to heal, her ex bf betrayed her, so she will have trust issues, so you will have to gain her trust very slowly, its good that you see her on a regular basis, cos it means you have more opportunities to talk to her, you should become friends with her first, the more you talk, the more she will open up to you, and in time she will let her barrier down, and learn to trust you, if you jump in with two feet and ask her on a date it might scare her off, girls feel vulnerable after a heartbreak, so when you become friends with her, she will start to feel emotionally secure with you, once this happens she will trust you, this will enable her to enter into a relationship with you, you can't tell her you aren't like other guys, or like her last bf, she won't believe it, she needs to find this out herself, by getting to know you, the more she gets to see your good qualities and how yout treat her as a friend, she will realise herself you are nothing like her ex, the key to having a relationship with a girl with a broken heart, is to help her feel emotionally secure, you need to be patient with her too, you seem very nice, hearts can be healed by the right person, being friends with her first will be a solid foundation for a good relationship with her. good luck

    • thank you for your advice

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    • Your welcome^


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  • I would like to echo a few of what other members have already posted. I think you sound really sweet, and at the present time, she might just need a bit of time to recuperate from the pain she has suffered in the past. As long as you are sincere, and genuine to her as a person, and if she feels a connection with you - then there is no reason why you two couldn't become a couple in the future.

    I would, in honesty, not focus on the future possibility of 'she may become my girlfriend'. I'd put that out of my mind completely. You enjoy her company, and chatting to her? Then just keep doing that. I'm a firm believer that if it is meant to be, it will come around in its own natural way. =)

    I find this so cute! =D I wanna hug you guys! :)

    • Thankyou :))

    • You are full of wisdom =) I will put aside my aspiration and just take it how it goes. Like you say if its to be it will come around. Never know some situation could arise where major brownie points get accumlated.

  • That's sweet. Keep doing what you're doing. Every chance you get talk to her. When you feel comfortable enough ask her to dinner and just keep it light. Good luck!

  • how long were here and her ex dating for?

    • Not too sure, best guess a number of months. She seems to have been hit hard by it so I guess it was longer than a month.

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    • Just light charm e. t. c

    • exactly! :D

  • I wouldn't care what their gender was. I would be comfortable either way


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  • mate id say get to know her first do not ask her out right away let her trust you and be patient it may take some time trust me once a girls trust is broken they vet rarely give it away again so once she does you treasure it you got that do not be the reason why she can't trust people. just take it slow and enjoy the wanders of falling in love im also 17 and in that time i have only ever fallen in love once it didn't work out but it was a hell of a journey just take it slow be cool and fall in love when you think the time is right and you trust one another then go for it