Girls, what do you think about a guy who like romance movies? A guy who's straight?

I was thinking about going to see the movie called The Best of Me. Girls, is that a turn on when you find out a guy likes romance type movies like that?


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  • Totally! I love that my boyfriend actually gets excited about certain romantic comedies. It's so perfect when we have a guy to cuddle with while we watch these movies.

    Side note, I don't have high hopes for The Best Of Me. I read the book and, as a big fan of Nicholas Sparks, I thought the storyline was stupid. But who knows, the movie may surprise me.

    • Yeah I read the reviews on rotten tomatos, but then again I think they're a bit harsh on that site. I think it's best when I make my own opinion about a movie. Most of the time I like it. Like for example I thought vow was kind of dumb all along, but then I ended up thinking it was really good at the very end. I think that was the right movie. IIRC

    • The Vow. My bad.


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  • I guess most girls would like that? But i'm not a romantic/don't believe in love so I'd just think he'd be trouble.

  • Turn on, no, but I would assume you are emotional, which is a good thing. I don't like romance movies that much myself though but I'd still watch one.


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