Can you be with someone you find beautiful but not attracted to physically?

Could you ever have a relationship with someone you have chemistry with, you find beautiful/handsome but aren't attracted to them physically? Or must there be some level of physical attraction there?


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  • Yes, we can. I'm kinda experiencing it now, so I can say it's possible. Also as we grow old, I don't think looks matter much anymore. So I guess the existence of parents (not divorced) are a proof of your question.

    • Do you still find your partner/ crush physically beautiful?

    • If you have a crush, your brain automatically puts filters to make her perceive as beautiful to you. True Beauty lies within. :)

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  • Yeah I dated who was 10/10 physically (down to earth, or whatever you call it), but her emotions are like fire and ice. She can be an angel and a demon at the same time. Also, she can be disrespectful to anyone and likes drama a lot. As we went on, I was suddenly turned off and broke up with her. I guess looks aren't everything.


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  • If you find them beautiful , then that IS being physically attracted to them?

    • I'd think so too lol but some people...