What makes you choose one guy over another (When a girl is getting to know two guys at the same time)?

What makes you choose one guy over another?

When a girl is getting to know two guys at the same time. Things are going well between us so far. But she's also been hanging out with another guy. To be honest it bothers me, but I can't let it show.

What should I do in this situation. Whats my best move / options?


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  • Typically, I don't have two guys going at once. However if they are on a friend basis and trying to make more of a relationship, I would say it'd be the one who was the most honest and forward - and by forward I don't mean creepy. I'm going to go with the guy who is honest about how he feels about me, and is forward enough to ask me out. No text, no bull, just straight forward. It also helps when the guy shows actual interest in me, and doesn't shmooze me all day long (by that I mean men who over-compliment me so it becomes less and less genuine).


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  • If you like 2 people at the same time, choose the 2nd one, because if you really liked the 1st one you wouldn't have fallen for the 2nd

    • i've heard that before. but i'm sure these things are more complicated. although i see your point.

  • I was torn between two guys once. I picked the one I did because he was less clingy than the other one and he was also more of my type.

  • I choose the one that's
    -honest, straight forward
    -Has a life of his own (so not clingy)
    - 'fits' me best. We have great chemistry and have fun together.

    • thanks for your input. just for my knowledge, how many times a week calling/texting or hanging would be clingy in the early stages of a relationship?

  • I choose the one who is honest

    • can you elaborate please? what if thyre both honest?

  • Its always personality for me. Every man i've ever dated has always been personality based.


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