Guys What do you like in a girl?

I always find the stuck up girls getting the guys and The respectful, girls and nice, ones not why is that. And what size in a girl do you consider fat do you rather have a skinny girl or a curvy girl with body to her?


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  • When you get older we are over stuck up girls and would rather marry a nice girl :) Size doesn't matter as long as she's not really really fat

    • Aww that's sweet, and im size 8 but I feel fat, but people always tell me I'm not so I don't know because they also say I'm pretty but a guy has never told, me I am.

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    • How do i follow you your anonymous?

    • I'll follow you as me not Anonymous then you just follow me back have a look at your followers now


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  • I like her smile.
    I like BBW.
    I like less needy girls. (independent)

  • I like their faith in Jesus, their beauty, cute face, and their personality.

    • Wow! not that many people look for a girl that loves the Lord, very impressive I thought there were not that many guys anymore. 😐😊

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    • Aww that's so sweet! 😍

  • all that is just middle/highschool drama bs. when you get older, those things do a flip flop. At your age, the girls tend to like the "jerks" and ignore the nice guys, but when its time to settle down and they have been played by all the jerks, they seek out the nice guy. those stuck up girls will eventually go for the nice guys and leave the jerks and you (assuming you are the nice girl) will be the one that the reformed jerky guys will seek after, later on.

    • Lol I guess I just don't get it haha most nice guys are cuter than the jerks.😜

    • when you stop eyeballing the jerks and look at the nice guys, yes. but may girls in your age range just walk all over them.

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