Why does he hide that he messages me from his GF?

I bumped into a guy a dated for a few months about 2 years back. We live in different cities and it didn't really work out well. After bumping into each other, we started texting again. As soon as I bumped into him I told my bf about it, this week this guy asked me if my bf knew, I said yes. I asked him if it was a problem on his side, he said no, but when I asked him if his gf knew, he told me that she doesn't know I exist and that it is better that way? 1. Why would he never have told her about me (in case she asked about his exes) 2. Even know he can just say I am an old friend without going into detail, why hide it away and run the risk of her finding out and getting a misconception about the messaging?


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  • His girlfriend is most likely the jealous type. He wants to keep in touch with you but if he is honest with her, she may not take it very well. So he just doesn't tell her about you, but I wouldn't worry about it


What Girls Said 1

  • Why wouldn't he hide it? He probably is gonna try to fuck you or sext you later on and if she knew about you she'd be checkin for it.