What were your dating disasters?

Share some of your dating disasters that you have had.


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  • I took a gal to a rock concert, got thrown out, lost my eyeglasses and got in a car accident from being half blind.

    Wen I was young I took a gal for coffee before we had the real date that was schedules in a couple of days I ran into her by chance and we grabbed a quick cup. We had a big argument just having coffee and called off the real date. We both agreed we were not for each other so no use wasting time on the 'big' date.

    Another time I took a gal to see John Waters 'Pink Flamingos' movie. After the movie we got in an argument. She told me something was wrong with me because I really liked the movie. I had dated her a while but she never told me how she hated my personality. She cold not get away from me fast enuf.

    There were prob some others, but I try to forget em.


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  • Not dating disasters, but worst break up ever possible. So she gets her NEW BOYFRIEND to TEXT me to tell me that he's going out with her now. The new boyfriend was my WORST ENEMY and literally threatened to KILL ME when I'm older. They then both texted me AT THE SAME TIME and started laughing as I deteriorated. And this all happened at AROUND MIDNIGHT on 21/12/2012 yeah that's right. The END OF THE WORLD. I thought Id be worrying about earth getting blown to bits -_- not this end of the world.

  • Well I've been rejected by 6 girls 6 times this year. Embarrassed myself, screwed up, but I keep falling back to new ones. I'm sporty, really academic, not bad looking, would do everything for them, but always get rejected. That's my life ;)


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  • Early this year, I went on a date with a guy I met online. It started out great until he asked me about my dating history. I admitted I was still trying to get over my ex. He nodded understandably and said he missed his ex, too, but that he was ready to move on. He asked me more about my relationship with my ex and I told him everything. He encouragingly said I didn't need my ex, but by the end of the date, I had talked so much about him that I decided that I was nowhere ready to move on. As a result, there was no second date. I ended up getting back together with my ex a few months later. At least there was a happy ending!

    (I'm sure the other guy easily found a different girl to date. He was quite a catch.)