Guys: based on my profile pic, do I look datable?

Hai, so there's this guy i like, and he hasn't asked me out ugh.. So now im thinking.. What if he thinks im not that pretty? I just need opinions, would u date me based on how i look in my profile pic? Be honest and detailed please as to why or why not. Id add more pics but i dont know how, haha.


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  • Based on your profile picture, you look perfectly datable. If you are worried why this guy hasn't asked you out, it could be because he is nervous, doesn't know if you like him or not, or is simply not into you. The best thing you could do, in my opinion, is to flirt with him and see how he reacts. Also, check his body language when he's around you to see if he acts differently around you. One major give away on whether or not he likes you is the size of his pupils when he looks at you, when you two are in a reasonably lit place. If his pupils are dilated more than they are usually, then it is a sign he might like you. If his pupils are contracted, he might not like you. If you feel like he does like you and you have the opportunity, tell him you like him. Hope this helps!


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  • So... let me get this straight... because you like him he should ask you out? have you considered that he may just not feel the same towards you?
    ugh, this is one of the things i certainly didn't miss from my younger days.

  • Ya you look pretty deffo cute and datable


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