Guys/girls, do you find it hard to meet or go out with someone of the opposite sex?

I approach girls, sometimes get numbers, and less it materializes into a date. It doesn't go much beyond that I would say. Girls come off as awkward around me or lose interest.

Other guys and girls experience this? I'd say one in ten girls I approach turns into something...

I'm not a wimp, I go out and talk to a girl I'm interested in, try to get her number. Call or text her and be playful. On dates, I keep the interest on her, pay attention, and bring up something similar about me. If it goes well, I take her home, kiss her goodnight and text her later that I had a good time.


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  • The same goes for me. I think I've pushed a lot of girls away, just because I didn't know how to text properly or what the hell was going on inside the girl's brain. The problem is we just have to keep guessing. It's like a research, we don't have any reliable resources. For example, I've been asking out girls the first time I met them, and they always would think a date is too much, maybe hang out for coffee. I couldn't tell the difference between getting coffee, and going on a date, both were the same to me. Not the same to them though.


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  • It has never really been a real issue to me. I didn't date tons of men and they would not really hit on me. I just easily get along with guys as friends. As more intimate relationship, it took times but I just learn to do something about it and then it became easier.

  • NO I do not find it hard


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  • I don't know man, it all sounds pretty contrived and maybe they sense that.

    • What do you mean?

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    • I probably do, need to learn some techniques.

      Yes, my net is pretty wide. I do some online dating. Girls are either really flaky or really needy. But still give it a try.

    • lol, true. You could be an asshole I suppose and use the needy ones. Barring that try different things on the dates you go on, it sounds harsh from the girls' perspective but experiment with different approaches on different girls, control the experiment though if you know what I mean. The dating game can be tough sometimes, but you've got the right attitude not turning bitter.