I seem unable to get a girl what should I do?

i really need a gf at the moment that would be really refreshing but i seem unable to do that and it hurts me a lot


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  • why do you "need" a gf? are you sure its just an extreme want? and not a need?

    • at the moment i think it is an extreme want i think that's what lacks my life right now

    • okay well its fine that its an extreme want. a lot of people want to find companionship. you just gotta find ways to keep trying and improve anywhere you can to enhance your results. but the most important thing to conquer is your mind. its the only thing that will hold you back.

    • i guess you're right your mind is your absolute worse enemy sometimes girls who i find attractive like me back too and keep giving me hints and i never know until later that they were interested there's too much i need to work on


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  • Stop trying.

    • and then what stay lonely and bitter about life?

    • Yes. Makes sense that only guys thumbed this down. Ah yes, the male gender.

    • so what are you trying to say exactly?

  • Why do you need a girlfriend?

    • i don't know i need a girl by my side to care for cuddle with her kiss her passionately and make her feel special lol i know i sound like a pussy

    • Ohhh okay fair enough, no I was confused, my bad. Aww no that's really sweet. I suggest you go on the hunt for a girlfriend then :)

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  • why don't you go with a prostitute instead?

    • i need someone to love it's not sex what i particualary need and don't forget the stds

  • So what you are saying is that you don't have the ability to find a suitable mate?

    No worries, your genes will die.

  • i'm in the same boat as you buddy but i wouldn't say i have an extreme need want i think it's more of a desire then a need but i have problems finding girls that like me.

    • man a girl at the moment in my life would be chaning my life dramatically i need a girl to show her love and her to show me back love and affection i know i really sound pathetic but whatever

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    • and as you can see no hoe shared their opinion about the question what a bunch of heartless hoes

    • well they haven't yet dosent mean they won't

  • Sorry but but unless your good looking, tall and wealthy your chances are slim to none.

    • well i am tall (6'3) , average looking and poor as fuck at the moment (college student)

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    • yah they are so goddam shallow and cold hearted

    • @Asker yup I've been saying that for years. And they have the nerve to say looks and money don't matter lol.