I don't understand where to go or how to even start looking for a man? HELP?

I'm 24, never had a bf or really dated except random POF dates where like all these guys rejected me, only went to a second date with one guy and then he "wanted to be friends". After msging so many guys online and never getting replies back, and lowered my standards, going on plenty of fish on and off since I was 21, it severely damaged my self-esteem and me me go in a zone of thinking that I'm a joke and not worth dating no guy would ever date me.

I'm a little overweight (about 20 lbs) but that cannot be the huge reason, its not like I'm a very big girl. I'm Indian but mostly attracted to white guys and I've even tried dating in my race but no sucess guys don't like me their either.

What can I do, or where can I go to meet guys? Or find guys that want to date me? And how do I do it?

I've been out of college for over a year, and work in a setting where all my co-workers are married, engaged or having a baby.


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  • I'm Indian too so I know that feel. Just gotta keep your head up meet new people, talk to people everywhere you go, improve your social skills.

  • Take up hubbies and things that interest you and you'll meet people upon people. Shows concerts classes... events all that. I'm curious how you look can you inbox me? Good luck


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  • I'm in college and 24 too. I haven't even tried. To be honest you are trying way too hard and looking in the wrong places. I dont mean physically I mean mentally. I say this because sometimes I feel I will never meet the guy of my dreams , but it doesn't take over my life. I don't let it lower my confidence. You shouldn't either. Also guys can tell if a girl is not confident even if she is big or small it's not attractive. From what you say you sound like you are ready for a family. I also know that in Indian culture by this age marriage should have already happened. (My grandfather is part Indian and I have friends that are Indian ). Instead of trying to find a guy work on your self first. Spend a day treating yourself and when you realize that you are fantastic, guys will too. Also I'm mixed and I like almost all race/nationality of guys. You should expand your interest pool as well. :)