Why is he acting like this?

Last night after my boyfriend got off of football I called him...he didn't call back...he didn't text me before school this morning either...i didn't see him until lunch when he once again didn't text me to come over with him...i went and sat with my friend and he was watching me the whole time. I texted him and he didn't text back but he was texting someone all lunch. I asked him what's wrong and he said nothing why. Then after school I saw him and a girl was standing beside of him and he smiled and when he was gonna stop and talk to me I just gave him a dirty look and kept walking...haha. I was texting him after school and he said that absolutely nothing is wrong. What do you think?


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  • Maybe he thinks you need space. Ask him about it in person, and be specific.


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  • Him not texting you after football was probably because he was tired. It sounds like he thought you were mad and just wanted his space. If he says that nothing's wrong then I would just leave it be. Don't text him until he texts you. If space is what he wants then you won't give him that if you keep blowing up his phone. Don't worry about the girl either, guys have friends who are girls. The fact that he went to talk to you while talking to her is a good sign that its nothing.