Should I text him or ignore him?

Ok so Im in a long distance relationship with this boy. We have been dating now for 15 months. He says he loves me and needs me. He also says I'm the only girl he wants. He is graduating next year and has been discussing with his parents about moving here to be with me. Yet, lately he has had a lot of attitude with me. My friend the other day posted something about how idiots ruin our day (this wasn't about him) but he got mad and blocked both her and me. I asked him why and he said because if she called him and idiot, that means I did too. I apologized and explained the situation but he was still mad. Infact, he called me a psycho bitch and said he hated me. Then I noticed he put up a date with a name hearts and I asked him who that was and he said his cousin. The next day we made up and he was saying he didn't mean it and he loves me. He was also trying to get some. Yes, he is always trying to have sex over text and sending me pictures of his thing. However, one of my friends show me the next day that he posted a pic of a girl with the name that had hearts and it was his #wcw. They all were commenting shouldn't Haley be your wcw? And then he deleted the pic. He probably thought since I was blocked then I wouldn't see it. I think this guy is a player. But idk. He can be really sweet and loving too. He has also threatened to kill himself last time I ignored him so I don't know what to do. Should I ignore him or text him?

Ok so I texted him last night that we need to not ignore eachother and to talk things out. I let him know I am disappointed in what he did, but I still care about him. He never responded. I tried calling him this morning and his phone rang three times before it went to the busy signal. I think he is mad at me.


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  • "He has also threatened to kill himself last time I ignored him"

    Manipulation. Avoid him.


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  • dont just ignore him, text saying how you feel, if you want to sort things out do but let him know you dont want to be played. If you dont, tell him that then change your number or get his number blocked and tell him that's what you are doing. goodluck :)

  • he's a player he wants you but only as long as it's on his terms he's not worth it anymore


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