What should I do if someone I haven't been seeing for long asks for money?

I was on my way home last night and I received a text from the man that I've been seeing for almost 3 months. It says "what's your email address? I want to send you something and ask for a favor." I gave him my email address and I we chatted for a few minutes an that was it for the night. He said that he would send me whatever he is talking about this weekend.

My mind is wondering what it could be and because I think the worst of people I think he could be asking me for money. This is a strange way to ask for money I'll agree but I can't rule it out. Nothing in our relationship is official but we have said to each other how much we like each other and we've have had sex. He is studding to become a computer programmer so he could be sending me a program since we have different operating systems. I'm throwing out other options but my mind is coming back to money. This guy doesn't have much money and he's looking for a new job.

My question is, what would you do if a man you having not been seeing for very long at all ask for money? Do you give it to him? Do you tell him to go fuck himself (this is what I'll most likely be doing)?

He wanted me to write him a letter of support for some court stuff that he's doing. Crisis averted!


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  • Be suspicious if it is that but he could be sending u a picture of a ring and saying do me a favour and marry me lol. If it was money I think he'd have done it a different way


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  • Say no and cut off contact. Real men do not ask women for money.

  • Stay away from any man asking you for money. They will never quit asking for more if they are that kind of person. Break that off quickly and don't be shy about it or he will never leave you alone.


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  • Wait so you don't even know if he's asking for money yet?

    I have a rule for lending out money. If someone asks for X amount of money ask yourself this.

    "If someone offered me X to punch [person asking] in the face, would I do it?"

    If the answer is no, then go ahead and lend them that money because they're worth more than that to you.

    If the answer is yes. Don't.

  • My dad always said don't loan someone money unless you are ok with not getting it back. If you would be ok with not getting it back and want to do a good dead than that is fine but other wise loaning money always causes stress