Good 2nd date movies currently in theaters?

I need a good movie for a 2nd date to take this girl to. I want to take her to the movie I got to work behind the scenes on. She's interested in going to that one, but it won't be released until 3 more weeks. And I simply cannot wait that long for a 2nd date.

PS. It doesn't exactly need to be a movie for a 2nd date. I'm still brainstorming various options and possibilities. Any possible 2nd date ideas would be appreciated.


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  • What type of personality does she have? Take her to indoor miniature golf, or a Dave and Busters it an Adult Gaming Center, Eatery and Drinks, Also try the basic... I dont know where you live but a nice indoor picnic or a visit to IMAX Theater, Musuem where she can interact with the object around her... As long as you make it about her she will not mind. Just relax and have good conversation and remember to have fun... the important thing is she wants to get to know you as much as you want to get to know her.

    • We both work at the same security company. She is a single mom. She likes 4-wheeling. She is studying for the police academy. She is a veteran who fought in Afghanistan, but spent most of her time in Germany. We see each other at work every weekend when we take over for each other's shift; this is the time we get to socialize. Our first date was at a German restaurant because I thought it would be fun to see how she compares the restaurant to Germany. It was successful. She will be busy all week to study for the police exam and I'm not sure if we will have time this week, but maybe next.

    • Okay, well if she is going to be busy this week do something for her to lighten her load a little. Bring dinner to her :) with some flowers. Just to let her know your thinking about her and wish her the best for her exam. Then plan your next date without pressure. Make it something fun!

    • Thank you for the MHO.


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  • I actually prefer dates not in movies... You can't really talk in movie theatre... A game... Dinner... murder mystery dinner... Play... Those are some good ones.


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  • You guys could play Ingress together, google it.