Nervous for my first date with my crush! Help?

Ok so me and this guy have been talking for about 2 weeks now. He asked me if I wanted to go out to eat with him (nothing fancy, somewhere like Pizza Hut) and then hang out at his house. To be honest I don't want to eat with him bc I feel like that would be awkward.. I know I have too it's a date and all but I'm just really nervous.. Please help I need advice


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  • Relax, that's all.

    I guarantee that once the conversation starts brewing it will make things less nervous.


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  • Hi^×^ I say just have fun and be yourself. I get wht your saying with the pizza but cmon eat its Pizza: ) just be sure to try and eat and then use a tissue every once and a while~ The guy is probably nervous? maybe about your date too so JUST HAVE FUN. and talk haha good luck