Dating someone of a different ethnicity? How to break the news?

So, I've been with my boyfriend/fiancee for slightly over a year and I haven't talked to my parents about him since I moved out with him. My mom always told me to "stay within my race" and my dad believes that all Hispanic men are going to be possessive and will try to control me. But, how am I supposed to tell them that he's nothing like what they're thinking. He's a true sweetheart to me and has never done any of the stereotypical things my parents claim he will do. I need some help about how to tell my parents that he's Mexican before we set a wedding date and don't invite my adoptive parents because of them being racist towards him and his family.


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  • The way I look at it there is only one race and that's the human race. I would go talk to your parents by yourself first and tell them how much you care for him, and then take him to meet your parents and if your parents love you (which of course they do) they will look beyond that. It might not go well with your parents and if it doesn't just give it some time. It may take them a month or years to come around.


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  • I don't know maybe you shouldn't tell them... My parents were weird about it too but I don't give a shit what they say. If you do let them know, tell them when he isn't around so it doesn't hurt his feelings, if they respond badly tell your parents to go suck a dick and die.

  • You probably will never get your parents approval... to be blunt if u truly do love him, you're going to have to not give a fuck what your parents think about him, and do as you please.


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  • But but but if you love him why should they stop you? :( I think that is a very close minded thing to think that you shouldn't date outside "your race". Love is love to me explain it to them, in the end YOU are with him NOT THEM. :) Good luck.

  • Be assertive & tell him that you believe the way they think is wrong & stupid, & you'e going to marry him & continue to be with him no matter how much they complain, so they better cut it out ASAP.

    Put your foot down.