What is making me so undateable?

Ok, so I'm 17, and I can never seem to hold a relationship. Yeah, I'm young, and things aren't going to be serious, because obviously I'm not looking for a husband right now. But I can never seem to stay in a relationship for longer than a few months. Lots of guys like me, but when we get closer to being in a relationship, they start to get weird. I'm into guys that are a couple years older than me (my last boyfriend was 19), so it probably has to do with me being in my last year of high school, but now a 22 year old is into me. I don't know how I feel about that. Anyways, is it my fault that guys don't seem to want to date me? Is there something I can do to make myself girlfriend material? Guys aren't really my top priority, but I'm starting to get really lonely.


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  • Don't worry about it between the ages of (16 to 20) it's typical to have short relationships. Don't "fall hard in love" with them, I knew too many people who was a fresh. or soph. in high school who said that they were getting married and will be together forever then they move on to another relationship and do the same thing. It might sound cliché, but you're young don't go searching for the perfect relationship. When the time is right everything will fall into place for a long a steady relationship, just don't worry about it. If you put too much thought into it you will have many disappointments. I would wait until the mid 20s before I would look for a serious relationship. There is a lot more opportunities once you get out of school and venture out into the real world.

    • I get what you mean! Thank you :) relationships can just be so frustrating!


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  • It's probably the fact that you've dated several and most of the guys at your school (assuming you go to school, otherwise the other guys around you) know about it. Also lots of guys like you. You should conceal it, make it not obvious that there's clearly one of them you like the most, assuming that there is. If not, then the one that is willing to make the first move might be the right one for you.

    • yeah I totally never thought of that before! thank you!! :)

    • I'm very glad I helped you! Now, would you be a doll and help me out? XD just kidding

  • ok wait till you finish school, probably things will change

  • Well make guys your top priority. Maybe they feel like you aren't into them enough. I mean and besides that some guys will move on after a few months if the relationship isn't going anywhere if you get my meaning. Also maybe you should spend more time with them, participate in hobbies and video games or whatever they do. And maybe you should try to make the laugh more. I love a girl who can make me laugh.


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