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Ok so I've been talking to this guy for around 4 months, and I think actually I know that I developed some feelings (makes my heart drop and rush, butterflies just makes me feel sick in a good way) and my phone broke and lost his number and he hasn't text me yet we see each other at school? How do I approach him and let him know about how he makes me feel. I'm just so confused by him and how he makes me feel because its really rare when I let my guard down and he made me feel a natural connection to him that it wasn't hard at all to let my guard down. I just need help and or advise please


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  • You're wasting time. Hiding the fact that you're interested in someone is so elementary. 6th grade stuff right there. You should have been sending him signs to point out the fact that you are interested.. The times you got butterflies from texting him and heart skipping a beat moments YOU SHOULD OF TOLD HIM!

    By telling someone that you like them sometimes it is very often if they never even thought of you like that they begin to consider that idea of you over and over till eventually you grow on them. I was put into this situation at least 4 times in my life and I also believe I put others in it as well. Worst that can happen is that he knows you like him and he saves you as choice number two and at that point you should find someone else.

    At this point like everyone else is saying ~ talk to him, get his number back. Stop acting like you don't care because YOU DO. Hiding yourself isn't going to make what you want happen. Let him know if not directly, indirectly.


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  • He is looking to get your attention, obviously, by showing up where you are. I would be cautious, unless you know he's not popular with other girls. Trying to get your attention by flirting with others, especially after knowing him for months, does not sound like he's a 'good guy' Is he?

  • Speak to him explain you lost your numbers and really want his back i am sure you will get it back. goodluck :)

    • The thing is that everytime I try to talk to him he is flirting with other girls, yet he looks at me to see if I'm looking. I act dumb towards it pretending I didn't see anything. That's why I'm confused :/

    • why would you care then, he can't care much to do that infront of you can he?

    • This is why I'm confused!! He always somehow shows up where I am at school whether it be on break, going to the gym or dance rehearsal. It's like he is doing it on purpose

  • No problem. If he gave you his Number once he'll do it again. Don't be embarrassed. We're all human and it could happen to anyone. Just tell him you lost his number and that you want him to keep you on his contact list.


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