Is there something wrong about me?

i can't get a gf all my friends do it easily and it makes me question myself. A little about me: i am 6'4 i am bit scrwany i am an introverted loner who always feel extremely nervous around new people i never approach girls or pursue them of fear of rejection. Any advice please?


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  • When I was in high school I also thought something was wrong with me because no boy showed any interest in me. People used to tell me "just wait, the right guy will come along eventually." Well i waited and nothing happened. Then I went to college and I started to be proactive and approach guys. And then I finally started to go on a few dates!

    People will tell you to wait, but you can't wait by doing nothing. You have to put yourself out there and meet people. I still haven't had a boyfriends, but at least I've tried it out with a few different guys. You can't just expect love to come to you if you stay in your room all day. Since all your friends have girlfriends already, ask them to be your wingmen when you go out. They can help you find girls and talk to girls. Ask them to help you approach girls.

    As for the fear of rejection, well rejection is inevitable. and it's not just because of you. The hottest guy in the world could ask a girl out and still get rejected. Know that rejection is going to happen, expect to be rejected, and understand it's not a reflection of you. So you ask nine girls out and they all say no, but then the tenth says yes. You would never have gotten the yes if you didn't try asking out the other nine before. And that yes is worth the nine nos.

    • i guess you're right i need to get out of my comfort zone i know it will be a torture but if i want a gf i must expose myself to that


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  • If you never approach or pursue girls, you won't get them. It's the only way really.
    Work on your confidence and speaking to new people. Strike up conversations with random people in public. Just make small talk about the weather or something, anything, just talk to them. When you're more comfortable doing that, start doing the same thing with hot girls and move on to getting their numbers.

    • what terrifies me is rejection i don't want to be rejected many times that would make me feel more worthless

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    • You're welcome. And good luck building your confidence :) definitely focus on that before a girl.

    • yap i'll build that confidence before anything i'll start lifting i guess that will make me feel better about myself

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  • I think that a lot of men feel the same way you do. Rejection is a rather common fear. You can't avoid it and expect to get the result you desire so badly. Start small, walk up to men and women and just give them a compliment and keep going. "Hey I like your outfit" or "Nice shoes man." Just don't get creepy with it. Keep doing it until you don't feel uncomfortable with small interactions.

    Work on your conversation skills, and go to the gym. Don't think about improving yourself for women. Do it because you want to and women will come if they want. You can't force people to give you a chance.

  • Put some effort into your style, clothes and hair. Stand tall. Smile, be nice and listen to her. Don't make typical guy comments about sex etc.

  • Well being an introverted loner will hurt your odds. Being a nervous wreck also hurts your odds. Fear of rejection also hurts your odds too...

    So if you had a 20% chance I would say that, with multiplicative probability, you now have about 8.36%

    • i can't really help it man :'( i am not introverted by choice it's the way i am

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    • i will try my best to talk to new people but i am sure that will be nerve wreking i wish i wasn't like this

    • Believe it or not practice does it's own thing. It's scary to try something new first but honestly it passes just as with everything else in your life.