Texted a guy my feelings, now he isn't responding. Is this a blow off?

I'm totally into a guy. I texted him saying, that I liked him more than I planned. I was expecting either a "I totally feel the same way" or maybe a "I just want to be friends" or anything! Now he's not even responding. I don't want to jump to conclusions... but I feel like this is a blow off.


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What Guys Said 1

  • he might need time to think about things and see if he really feels the same way or he could be waiting until the next time he sees you to give you a reply in person. Just let him know that he doesn't have to respond right away but that you would like to know how he feels. He's probably just a little nervous and trying to figure things out on his end.


What Girls Said 1

  • hmm, Id give it some time. If after like maybe two days no response, then that's your response sadly. But he might be really busy or unable to text back, but yeah, I mean, from experience, if a guy really does like you he'd respond right away or call you. But please don't jump to conclusions like you said because that will drive you crazy and I don't want you do go through that.

    --Been there done that.

    P.S. do things to keep your mind of it like keep yourself busy otherwise your mind is just gonna wonder about it more and then it will really drive you nuts. And even if he DID blow you off, there are plenty of other fish in the sea, just tell yourself it's HIS LOSS. Then you are free to like someone else but yeah it's part of life unfortunately (being rejected). Don't take it personal, if that happens. I really do hope he's just busy.