Friends with benefits... yes or no?

Recently i've got to know this guy and we both really like each other but he doesn't want a relationship right now.. we sort of agreed that for now we would basically be friends with benefits in a way... so basically we have the relationship without having the commitment.. i don't know if i should carry this on? I really like him and don't want to lose him as a friend either as there is hope that in the future there could be a relationship between us


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  • He basically is asking if he could cheat on you or use you and if you say yes you are giving yourself permission to hurt yourself emotionally. I suggest loving yourself enough to wait for a man that will want to cherish you and respect you.


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  • I basically agree with bombamboum. You don't want it to be "wham, bam, thank you ma'am." Go ahead and sleep with him for 3 months. But make him take you on dates outside the bedroom. If you're not official after 3 months start dating other guys because he might be a commitment-phobe.


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  • The risk here is that you'll exp expect this situation to turn into an actual relationship. If it never happens, you'll be devastated. Having a friends with benefits when you have no feelings is not that easy to begin with. The problem is that women tend to develop feelings when we are intimate with men, if you already have something for him, you could feel pretty bad about this situation.
    If he does it, he probably doesn't want to commit at all.