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Why did she call me "buddy"?

so a girl I had flirted with for a while, got grounded and couldn't talk to me for a week, when she got off of grounding, she talked to me again,... Show More

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  • Im pretty sure she didn't mean anything by it. I know I even joke around with exes and ex-flings by saying her budddddy! She probably most likely meant it in a flirty chase me haha way... Don't look to far into it. Unless she stops calling you, or flirting with you all together. Then she most likely moved on. But I still wouldn't take it to heart, like jacquesvol said "answer the same way or raise your bid to see her hand."

What Guys Said 1

  • Don't look too much for signals in that:

    "mind you, she used words like babe, and hun, before she was grounded..."+

    answer the same way or raise your bid to see her hand.

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