Should I ask her to become my girlfriend, im scared of doing so, read details?

till recently she was pregnant from me, she had a misscarriage at 5 / 6 weeks. A long time she wasn't sure if she wanted the child, but i did think she wanted it. Now she does want a child! i saw her cry together with her 7 yo daughter the day before yesterday, they were watching a video with baby pictures in it. yesterday her little daughter was a bit harsh on me, she blamed me that the child was dad, and was angry with me. it did hurt but she is just a little child, she doesn't really understand. So yesterday i ve talked to the girl im in love with, and told her that i do really want a child with her. We aren't exactly in a relationship , and i want to ask her to be my girlfriend, but im scared of asking it, because i dont want to scare her off. We have small communication problems, she is polish, and speaks a little bit of german, we talked about the child and agreed it will have to learn more than 1 language. but i did notice she is afraid of being abondant, since she already is a single mom. I love her, and i m thinking about asking her to become my girlfriend.


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  • Are you just wanting a baby with her so you can keep her being with you?

    • no, i want to be in a relationship with her, and i will ask her and tell her, its better for the child also to have 2 parents who are together

    • Are you financially able to have a child right now because its a lot of work.

    • Well were there is a will there is a way, and im going to spend as few money as i can, i want her to be the mother of our child because i just deeply love her, thats all i care about.

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  • So you want to make a baby with this person but you're afraid to ask her if she'll be your girlfriend? I think your priorities are out of whack. Try being in a committed relationship FIRST before knocking her up.

    • trust me, i m walking around with this question for weeks, she really likes her independency , i dont want her to feel restricted. thats the part im scared of, but i really love her , and ill go where ever she goes to.

  • okay the thing is if you are planning kids together you should definetly ask her to be your girlfirend. It would show her that you are interested in her not just sex, and help with the abondment issues.

    • well i actually shouldn't have ask her, if you want a child together, what else could it mean, the thing is , i just want it to be official. because im afraid of calling her my gf without her content with it, and i want her to call me her bf so people know she is taken.

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    • thanks i will, wish me luck, i love this girl and im gonna ask her on a way that will make her smile :) im going to by a white t shirt and write on it with a black marker : Do you want to be my girl. 2 or 3 check marks under it, one saying yes, and the other one saying no, i put it on and over the shirt ill wear a sweater. then i give her a red marker or lipstift, and let her decide, i think she will laugh about it, at least i hope so. she isn't the romantic type so i try the more funny aproach

    • ooh that sounds really romantic, and kind of brave. Good Luck ! =)

  • You need a relationship FIRST lovie.

  • sprechen sie deutsch?


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