Why must I be forever single?

I hear people say it's fun being single, no it's not if your a loser like me who couldn't get a date to save his life or keep a girlfriend for longer than a week. I'm miserable because the only fun I ever had was when I had a girlfriend.


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  • I dont know why people on this site are all either longing to lose their virginity or have a partner.. u need to spend time on developing your inner self.
    Relationship comes with emotional baggage, sometimes things may look shiny on the surface, but deep down there might so unearthed scratches. No relationship is smooth sailing.

  • Thats why you aren't getting a gf because you are basing your whole happiness on her. You have to find hobbies , boring or not, things that you enjoy , causes you are passionate about.
    Having a life and genuinely talkng about smt you are interested in (not bragging) would attract girls

    • Its not like that for one thing I do have hobbies that are fun that I'm passionate about and I have a life I'm just not physically attractive that's

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    • then maybe you should try your chances elsewhere. looks aren't everything for me , as long as he is interesting , and we get along etc. and I have friends that think the same. so maybe you just are trying with the wrong girls.

    • Well that would make all the girls over here the wrong ones because I'm pretty sure there are none like you

  • I don't know what's the craze about having a partner but I do understand that companionship can make your life so much happier. But well I think that we should always learn to love ourselves and have fun, be comfortable in our own skin instead of constantly looking for a mate or someone to fill the void in our hearts. After all, life can't just be about finding a mate because there are certainly more important priorities to fulfill imo.

    • I'm miserable with out a companion

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    • I think you have to find something that'll make you happy.
      When I make friendships, I want them to be meaningful, lasting and purposeful which is why I put effort into talking and interacting with certain people in my life. They say true friendship comes without trying, I say that's nonsense. Every relationship needs effort from both parties and it's the trying times that test the strength of the relationship. If relationships hasn't been tested, you don't truly know the person well enough. People are imperfect and would reveal their true self eventually because cognitive dissonance has been proven to be incongruent with the human mind.

      They say soul mates complement each other and fill the void in each others' hearts. That's bullshit again. Two broken halves do not make a whole. Individuals have to find the element that makes them whole before even entering another relationship, be it friendship or a romantic one.

    • Yeah I guess so

  • I'm gonna go zen on this one and I'm gonna tell you love yourself first then someone else. Cause if you don't love yourself then how do you expect someone else to do it?


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  • The biggest issue is that you are pinning your happiness over having another person in your life. Which means that your happiness can be taken away. The key is to be happy with yourself, first.

  • Attitude needs work. No one wants to be around a negative Nancy. We understand the depressive fits, but if that's all you are, you aren't your own person. You're half, waiting for another. Add depth to yourself.

  • looks at age: 18 to 24

    *walks out*

  • Well, most of us are able to enjoy doing things on our own without a partner.

    But it sounds to me like relationships are the only things that bring you pleasure in life, so of course you'd be miserable without one. Ironically, that's probably why you can't keep a relationship going. It's exhausting feeling like someone else's happiness depends entirely on you. Most people can't deal with that kind of pressure for long.

  • You're single because you suck. It's that simple.

    • Go to hell you fucking asshole your fucking lucky I don't know where you are you cocksucker

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    • Is that all you are going to do? Wireshark me and then send "DEATH FROM ABOVE!"

      You are a coward. You are a loser indeed. You take no responsibility for yourself and you are fine with it thus why you, and every other person who asks this question on this website, is exactly the same. Do you how many death threats I've received? But let me ask you one question:

      Does that even make you a better person? "Man on internet was mean, and I STILL can't get a GF!"

      Do what you will. You'll be alone until you listen.

    • And going anon is silly. Embrace your own threats you bizarre Canadian. Cowardice is not going to get you far in anyone's eyes.