While speed dating, would you introduce yourself as the CEO of a company when you work as a Coin Entertainment Operator at ur local arcade?

(Why waste precious time on all those little details!)


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  • HAHAAA! I totally would! xD

  • No, because it begins the relationship off on a lie. What if you meet the mate of your dreams, who is everything you ever wanted, but is disgusted to realize you lied to them from the offset?

    • Or you never know, they might have a sense of humour... You never know!

    • Haha, good point XD If I told a fib it'd not be serious, but I don;t want to fib, so I don't have to dance around the issue!

  • Nah, I think that's a horrible idea unless you are just trying to cure your blue balls haha. I wouldn't be dating if I had a crappy little job like that either. How can you pay your rent and buy expensive things for her? Doesn't make sense to me. Then again I'm a chef and girls loooove to hear that for some reason haha

    • You wouldn date if you had a crappy job? Shows what kinda girls you go for I suppose, ones who need expensive gifts and a status symbol of a man. That's sad dude.

    • Actually I try regardless haha, but it's much harder when you don't have a job

  • No. That's not even mildly funny.


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