What's a more statistically common interracial couple, Latino/Hispanic man and Non-Hispanic White/Caucasian woman or Black man and White woman?

People tell that while White woman and Black man interracial couples are the most talked about and overhyped trend in the media, Latino/Hispanic man and Non-Hispanic White women couples are actually more common than Black man/White woman couples.


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  • I think it depends on where you live. I am white and have dated both blacks and hispanics and my perception is people are more comfortable with my dating a black man, and I still get looks if I'm out with a latin guy. I don't think it's mean, but in the midwest I think people aren't used to seeing whites and latinos.

    • Well, I'm from Arizona and White Woman/Hispanic Man are very common interracial couples over where I'm from. I guess it's because I'm from the Southwest of the US and the Southwest has the very highest population of Hispanic/Latinos in this country.

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  • Am I the only GAGer that couldn't care less?