Is it bad that im talking to two guys?

so I've been texting two guys recently and its just texting, we haven't even been out or anything, but i feel like im leading them on by texting both of them. do you think thats bad?


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  • Nope guys do it all the time so why can't we female share that same freedom without feeling guilty. And you never know they might be texting other girls... afterall you're not in a relationship. A text isn't a proposal


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  • I think if you are asking that, mean you already feel that is something wrong.
    Depends also on your intentions but i personaly dont agree 100% with that. First because you are playing with other people, but because u r young its ok, those guys must be doing the some.. Second and more important, you are playing with your feelings and messing up your head, can niw even be ok, but if u care it on leaving like that one day you will wish be just with one person and may be complicate because you will be addicted to multiple people.
    My experience says its a danger game, becareful.

  • At times i talk to 6 or 7 women a day while i am dating, So what you talk to 2 guy's. It's not like if your friends found out they would be like, "OMG your really talking to two guy's over a phone, your such a skank."

  • If you have to ask your conscience disagrees with you.


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