Just lost weight and working on my confidence. With that in mind am I attractive? Be honest, if not what can do to improve my confidence in other way?

Just for future reference.


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  • You have a lovely, genuine smile that makes you very attractive! So use that smile, it's wonderful.

    Confidence comes 50/50 within and from external factors. Make goals and achieve them. Usually for most people this is working out/the gym. Join some clubs, teams, volunteering, that stuff always gives you a sense of achievement and significance. :}


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  • Way to go on the weight loss! You'll feel better once you get new clothes that cater to your new shape, so get a new wardrobe and a free or cheap makeover in the mall. Its all about the mind-if you feel and think like an attractive person that will reflect on the outside. Believe me, it works.

  • Go on gril I commend you on losing weight- a lot of people have not achieved that feat. What I would do is makeover not only your closet but your mindset. You are now beautiful (not just inside but outside too). You're not perfect but no one is (not even channing tatum lollll) so when ya feel low remember that (and channing if that helps) ;D


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  • Go to a third world country where poor women will throw themselves at you. I am not kidding that actually works. A lot of guys come back from vacation with a lot more confidence from that happening.

    Get nice stuff that you can be proud of, like a great car.

    Dress in nice clothes designed to impress. Learn how to fight.

    Improve your education, by obtaining a higher degree than you currently have.